Book a class

Online classes are delivered live using ZOOM and are £5 per class. You will receive a link to the live class and later a link to a recording in case the time doesn’t suit. You can then view the class as many times as you wish within 7 days. If money is an issue for you just now for whatever reason then please still book in and consider this a gift from me to you. No questions will be asked and no judgment made. These classes are available to everybody so if this choice suits you today then maybe you’ll be able to “pay it forward” by showing some kindness to someone else during your day. The choice is yours.

If you are interested then fill out the form below and let’s enjoy a practice together.

PLEASE ENSURE YOU CHECK A BOX FOR THE CLASS AND A BOX FOR PAYMENT TYPE AS NO LINK WILL BE SENT TILL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED unless pay it forward is checked. full Payment DETAIls will be included in your booking confirmation.

Once you have booked what happens next?

In preparation here are a few things for you to check and think about before the class:

  1. Check you are able to open on your phone, tablet, laptop etc..
  2. An email will be sent approx. 30 mins before the class begins with a link to the virtual meeting. Please click the link (or copy and paste to your browser) and follow the prompts from zoom.
  3. The meeting will go live 5 minutes before start to give us time to get settled and give yourself time to adjust your settings. Don’t worry if you are a bit late, just remember to mute your microphone and join when you’re ready.
  4. Everyone will be muted at the class start but your video will still broadcast to everyone unless you choose to turn your feed off (look for the video icon to adjust settings)
  5. If you have any feedback/issues please message me via email and we’ll get back to you.
  6. A link to the recorded class will be sent after the live class. This link will be live for 7 days for unlimited views then removed.

As you create your personal space to practice in at home please ensure it is well lit and you have space in which to move freely. If you would like music for your practice, then there will be a link to playlists created for this practice below the meeting link.

The advice online is the same as in the studio, nobody knows your body better than you so please listen to it. If the pose doesn’t feel right to you then it’s not right. You should always feel in control, challenged, but never in pain. Take rest whenever you need and try to have some fun. Yoga is about doing and feeling our best in the moment.