Why the Yoga studio is so important to me.

A lot is changing. How we interact with each other and how we source the things we need to survive is constantly changing and it can really take its toll if not kept in check. Since March I’ve had plenty of wobbles and at one point in particular things looked very grim indeed. I’m doing well now thanks to a supportive wife and kind words from yogis in class who were much more perceptive than me but ultimately only we can do the work that needs to be done to be the best version of ourselves. Sometimes, though, we can stack things in our favor and hopefully come out the other side better than before.

Just to be clear, Yoga anywhere is a great thing. It’s important to try and develop a self practice that you can depend on particularly for when times are tough. It’s also nice to have a space to practice where you can walk through a door and already half your problems disappear even if only for the duration of the class. This place for me is the yoga studio.

The time that has been taken to create a space that has been found, lit and furnished with the sole intention of providing you with unconditional love is priceless. Your safety and comfort is as equally important as keeping a studio profitable because authenticity is the unique selling point of a Yoga studio.

A good studio vibrates with good energy. You walk through the doors and instantly feel that wee bit better. By the time you’ve come to the end of your practice you’ve decided you’re staying forever. This is because we have released our external awareness and are now listening to that voice inside of us that is full of ancient wisdom. The body and soul knows what to do. It’s when life gets too busy and can’t hear, or worse, ignore that voice that problems start to arise.

For all of us it’s been a long time without this important resource and in the spirit of the Yoga philosophy we should be thankful for the opportunities that lockdown has brought for us to work on ourselves. Life is hard. We need downs to balance the ups and vice versa. We can’t grow and learn if everything is peachy all the time, no matter how nice that sounds. However, when the downs (and ups) are getting too long to deal with safely then a shared practice in a safe space with no judgment of what you’re going through and how you are coping can really help.

A lot of dedicated spaces have already been lost to the lockdown but many are now opening their doors again and need you just as much as you need them. As we continue to navigate the challenges of 2020 we need to think about what is really important to us and do what we can to ensure the world which we need is there for us and future generations.

So my time will be spent doing what I can for the environment, being honest with my children and helping them to grow surrounded by unconditional love, supporting my community and of course, supporting my local Yoga Studio.

From Thursday the 17th of September I’ll be teaching both in person and online at Prana Yoga Studio in Hamilton. They have loads of classes from loads of great local teachers, so if it’s been a while or you’re looking to get started in Yoga I can’t recommend Prana enough. Even after months of being empty the studio with its glorious heated bamboo floor and sunlight still radiates good vibes. Check out the timetable here and get yourself booked in.

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