Who is Stephen and The Still Beneath

Stephen, teaching under the name ‘The Still Beneath’, is a 200hr RYT and graduate of the Seasonal Yoga TT program. He has a keen interest in the practical and philosophical aspects of 8 Limbs and Hatha Yoga ensuring he practices exactly what he teaches.

“Yoga has been of paramount importance in keeping me grounded and sane. Over the years making time for me was becoming near impossible and this resulted in a feeling of hopelessness and lack of identity. With yoga, I was able to rediscover myself and find contentment and reconnect with ‘the Still Beneath’ that exists within all of us. The simple and practical tools within the vast yoga tradition have been the difference.”

Stephen’s teaching style is about creating awareness of the range of movement available to his students within a safe, relaxing and inclusive environment.

“Yoga ignited a passion within me to help others see that they have a choice and a right to be happy and healthy. You don’t need to be fit or be able to touch your toes to do yoga, you just need to be willing to come to the mat and give yourself a chance.”

You can follow Stephen on most social media platforms as @thestillbeneath

Find Stephens classes here


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